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PPC (People's Party of Canada) Candidate for Portage-Lisgar (contending against incumbent Candice Bergen), which includes the following areas: Portage La Prairie Morden, Winkler, Plum Coulee, Altona, Rhineland, Stanley Gretna, Manitou, Swan Lake, Carman, Notre Dame De Lourdes, Treherne, Morris, St. Claude, Somerset, Pembina Valley, Norforlk, St. Francois Xavier, Macdonald, Lowe Farm, Rosebank, Miami, Rosenort, Elm Creek

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We stand for responsible government

Freedom of Choice

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Ethically sourced Canadian oil and Canadian jobs, instead of foreign oil and outsourced labour.

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Is democracy about using your vote to remove somebody from power?

Or is democracy about using your vote to elect the person who would best represent you and your values?

Make your voice COUNT

Solomon Wiebe

Democracy cannot properly function with an attitude of strategic voting. You will never be represented. Voting for the lesser of two evils only encourages one side of government to be slightly less corrupt than the other. The conclusion to this being both sides collaborating against the people by working for self interest, power, money, and favours. The longer that people can be fooled into trusting that “only” two sides exist, the longer this charade goes on. 

In our 2021 Canadian federal election, my name was on the ballot, and the people of the Portage-Lisgar district showed strong support for the principles of the People’s Party by giving me nearly 10,000 votes. We placed second behind the incumbent, with over 21% of the vote.

See what we stand for: 

You have the choice of voting for somebody you know. Somebody who will unify our country and stand on the merits of good policy. Healthcare, lower taxes, less red tape and more importantly an end to corrupt politicians like this guy. 

Are you proud to be Canadian? When you think about all that our country has to offer you might say, “well its better than North Korea”, and for that you’d be right. But our standard, our expectations, shouldn’t be tied to the worst possible scenario. We have a vision.

A vision of a unified country, a country with great healthcare, high education scores, and properly maintained infrastructure. A place of opportunity with freedom of expression, association, and movement.

A country without corrupt politicians who care more about the interests of big corporations and personal gain. The People’s Party can make this a reality with our common sense policies. The People’s Party will make you proud to be Canadian again. 

– Solomon Wiebe

Solomon Wiebe with the PPC

Standing for "common sense policies".

"Vote for your principles - not just for the lesser of two evils."

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Solomon Wiebe

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Solomon Wiebe

September 22, 2021

Hello readers, 

In our 2021 Canadian federal election, my name was on the ballot, and the people of the Portage-Lisgar district showed strong support for the principles of the People’s Party by giving me nearly 10,000 votes. We placed second behind the incumbent, achieving over 21% of the vote.

This was a huge increase over the 2019 election, when the PPC candidate received less than 1,200 votes, or about 2.6%.

And even though we didn’t win in 2021, we will still keep fighting for freedom!

August 22, 2021

Hello readers, 

Vote splitting is the most common objection to our movement. Here’s some food for thought. In the 2019 Election for Portage-Lisgar, over 70% of people voted Conservative:

Candice Bergen (Con.): 31,403 votes

Ken Werbiski (Liberal): 4,721 votes

If The People’s Party siphons half of the votes the Conservatives received previously (splitting the vote) they would still be ahead of the Liberals by over 10,000. I’m either first or I’m second. Consider all your options. Should we believe the data or continue being manipulated by political ideas that prevent true representation?

August 2021

Hello readers,

I’d like to highlight freedom of the press in this update. Freedom of the press is vital to ensure an informed populous. Our provincial and federal governments repeatedly give billions to big tech and legacy media platforms to run ads. So long as this system of government subsidized media remains in place we will not have a free press or honest reporting in Canada. This is one of the reasons why The People’s Party is rarely covered positively, or at all. Our policies prevent these entities from receiving huge government ad payouts that other parties would surely provide. Regardless of this fact, The People’s Party is gaining traction faster than any other party and I am looking forward to our continued growth through our awareness campaigns. Keep up the good work in spreading our message of fairness, respect, and personal responsibility. 

We truly value your support in spreading the message about a government that wants to represent the people. It shows, our numbers are improving all the time. Thank you. 

Various governments around the world, including our own are developing two tiered systems based on vaccination status. I’d like to remind all potential voters that I will listen to the people of Portage-Lisgar, and stay true to the values of the People’s Party. We believe in equal opportunity and treatment, regardless of medical status. 

July 2021

Hello readers,

A well known youtuber named David Freihiet (channel Viva Frei) decided to run as a candidate for the PPC. This is the hard hitting exposure we need to raise awareness for the only party that cares to represent Canadians, not self-interests. With rumours of an election this fall we have to be persistent in getting the People’s Party to become a common household name in politics. If polls are to be believed we’re already polling over double numbers from the previous election. Keep up the great work!” 

It’s been encouraging over the past while to see more and more people taking the People’s Party seriously. In our culture of division we have policies that bring people together, and it shows. Limited government intervention in our lives, free commerce, personal freedoms, lower taxes. Who would disagree with that? With a little more time to build awareness and educate the public of what we stand for I’m optimistic for our performance in the next election. We’re all a part of this movement. It’s our chance for true democratic change in this country by representatives who will put Canadians first.” 

You may be aware of the loosening of restrictions coming up in Manitoba. You may also be aware of the two tiered system the government has set up that allows different liberties depending on vaccination status. It may be already forthcoming because of our coverage of the end the lockdown rallies and such but the People’s Party will always remain committed to preserving your freedoms. Even if things do seem on the up and up, irreversible damage has been caused. We have to make sure that these measures are never again allowed to be used. 

June 2021

Hello readers,

I’d like to take a moment to highlight censorship, not just online but also in our media. We face an uphill battle with the government subsidized mainstream media in Canada. Many of our well known outlets receive money from government by means of advertising or outright payouts. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that true journalism cannot survive in that environment. The media is everything. It changes public opinion and is so effective it creates its own reality. Online platforms the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use AI to filter out comments and limit exposure of our ideas and worldviews. It’s worthwhile noting that these entities also receive large sums of money from our governments in the form of advertising. When dissenting voices are silenced, and the ability to debate is taken away we lose our freedom of speech. Words have power, because they give way to ideas, which give way to action. I, alongside the people of Portage-Lisgar and the People’s Party will always stand for freedom of expression and the right to hold your convictions without censorship, even if we disagree. 

I believe if we remain diligent in our advocacy and awareness building we can show the politically apathetic that politics affects them and also show the habitual conservative voter a better option. Freedom, fairness, respect and representation of the people is all we ask for. 

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